Zachary Will Sy

$ whoami

  • $ tracert Manila, Philippines

  • $ ping current.loc Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

-- BSc Computer Science, College of Science
-- BA Political Science, Discovery Park Research Center (College of Liberal Arts)
-- Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship (Krannert School of Management)

  • $ cat current.txt Freelance Product Technologist, Complex52

-- Information Architect, Megaworld (Properties & Holdings) Corporation (PSE: MEG)
-- E-Commerce Supply & Product, Jimini Foods Group
-- Pro-Bono & Volunteer Website Design Work @ Local Community NGOs

$ cat fields.txt

  • $ ls interests

-- Consumer tech, creator + maker movement, community-building
-- No-code tools, technical business solutions
-- E-commerce operations, retail and people data analytics
-- Fintech, stock portfolio management, cryptocurrency investing
-- Data privacy, online security, encryption protocols, iOS and UNIX internals

  • $ ls research Focusing on areas within the intersections of tech and public policy

-- Consumer-level cybersecurity, personal data, big data and AI ethics, GDPR
-- Web 3.0, decentralized networks, network encryption, zero trust architecture
-- Democratization of the stock market, cryptocurrency adoption and regulation